Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
Copyright protection
People who create artistic works such as music are entitled to a "copyright", meaning that they have
exclusive rights to dictate how their work is used. When they are created, artistic works are automatically
protected by a copyright without having to submit notification or registration, and may not be used without
the permission of the person who created the work.
In the music world, however, illegal acts of distributing music without the permission of the artist,
particularly on the Internet, have recently been on the increase. That is why the Recording Industry
Association of America (RIAA) took the initiative to organise a forum called Secure Music Digital Initiative
(SDMI) to study technology for protecting copyrights during the electronic distribution of music.
Sony offers the MagicGate Memory Stick™ and Memory Stick™ Walkman with a copyright protection
function that complies with SDMI standards, thereby providing an environment where individuals can
record and enjoy third-party music data without worrying about copyright infringement.
Literary works that are recorded by individuals are permitted for private usage only.
Compatible devices
There are nearly 80 Memory Stick™-enabled products on the market or announced for introduction world-
wide, ranging from camcorders and portable music players to voice recorders and many other electronic
You can currently use Memory Sticks™ with the following Sony products:
Cybershot digital camera
Mavica digital camera
PC, TRV and VX series digital video cameras
LC data projector