Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Getting help
On your computer, the default DVD region code is 2, which is the region code for European DVDs. Do not change this setting using the Region Code
Change function in Windows
, or any other software application. System malfunctions originating from the user changing the DVD region code are
beyond the scope of your warranty and will result in service charges for repair.
My floppy disk drive cannot write to a disk
The floppy disk may be write-protected. Disable the write-protect feature or use a disk that is not write-
Check that the disk is properly inserted into the floppy disk drive.
When I double-click an application icon, a message such as 'You must insert the application CD into your
drive' appears and the software does not start
Some titles require specific files that are located on the application CD-ROM.
Insert the disc and try starting the program again.
Make sure you place the disc in the tray with the label side facing outwards.
Why does my CD/DVD-RW not record at the highest speed?
For the CD-RW drive, you must use 24x CD-R or 10x CD-RW media to achieve optimum performance.
For the DVD-RW drive, you must use 8x CD-R and 4x CD-RW or 2x DVD-R or 2x DVD-RW media to achieve
maximum performance.
If you want to use other media and are having difficulty formatting the disc with the above speeds, change
the writing speed to a lower setting.
To change the writing speed from the default to a lower speed, proceed as follows:
1 Go to My Computer from the Start menu.
2 Right-click the disc drive icon.
3 Select Properties.