Samsung CLP-310 Printer User Manual

2_Features of your new laser product
features of your new laser product
Your new machine is equipped with a number of special features that improve the quality of the documents you print.
With the machine, you can:
Print with excellent quality and speed
You can print in a full range of colors using cyan, magenta,
yellow, and black.
You can print with a resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi
Effective output.
Your machine prints A4-sized paper at up to 16 ppm, letter-
sized paper at up to 17 ppm in gray scale mode and 4 ppm
in color mode.
Handle many different types of printable material
•The 150-sheet tray supports plain paper in various sizes,
letterhead, envelopes, labels, custom-sized media,
postcards, and heavy paper.
Create professional documents
Print watermarks. You can customize your documents with
words, such as “Confidential”. See Software section.
Print posters. The text and pictures of each page of your
document are magnified and printed across the sheet of
paper and can then be taped together to form a poster. See
Software section.
You can use preprinted forms and letterhead with plain
paper. See Software section.
Save time and money
To save paper, you can print multiple pages on one single
sheet of paper.
This machine automatically conserves electricity by
substantially reducing power consumption when not in use.
Print in various environments
You can print with Windows 2000 and Windows XP/2003/
Vista as well as Linux and Macintosh systems.
Your machine is equipped with a USB interface and a
network interface (CLP-310N, CLP-310W, CLP-315N,
CLP-315W only).