Samsung CLP-310 Printer User Manual

6. Insert the new container into position and then push it to make sure that
it is firmly seated in place.
7. Close the front cover firmly.
8. Turn the machine on.
To avoid print quality and paper feed problems resulting from worn parts,
and to maintain your machine in top working condition the following
condition, the following items will need to be replaced after the specified
number of pages, or when the life span of each item has expired.
We highly recommend that this maintenance be performed by an authorized
service provider, dealer or the retailer where you bought the machine. The
warranty does not cover the replacement of the maintenance parts after
their lifespan.
If you have connected your machine to a network and set up TCP/IP
network parameters correctly, you can manage the machine via Samsung’s
SyncThru™ Web Service, an embedded web server. Use SyncThru™
Web Service to:
View the machine’s device information and check its current status.
Change TCP/IP parameters and set up other network parameters.
Change the printer properties.
Set the machine to send email notifications to let you know the
machine’s status.
Get support for using the machine.
To access SyncThru™ Web Service:
1. Start a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, from Windows.
2. Enter the machine IP address ( in the address
field and press the Enter key or click Go.
Your machine’s embedded website opens.
If the front cover is not completely closed, the machine will not
operate. Please make sure all toner cartridges are installed properly.
If any toner cartridge is installed improperly, the front cover do not
Pick-up roller Approx. 50,000 pages
Fuser unit Approx. 100,000 black pages or
25,000 color pages
Transfer roller Approx. 100,000 pages
Transfer Unit (ITB) Approx. 100,000 black pages or
25,000 color pages