Samsung CLP-310 Printer User Manual

32 _Selecting and loading print media
Adjust the paper length guide and paper width guide.
5. Close the paper cover.
6. Slide the tray back into the machine until it clicks.
7. After loading paper, set the paper type and size for the tray. See "Setting
the paper size and type" on page 33.
The tray is preset to Letter or A4 size, depending on your country. To
change the size to A4 or Letter, you must adjust the lever and paper width
guide properly.
1 Pull the tray out of the machine. Open the paper cover and remove
paper from the tray if necessary.
2 If you want to change the size to Letter, hold the lever at the back of the
tray, and rotate the lever clockwise.
3 Squeeze the paper width guide and slide it to the edge of the lever.
Do not push the paper width guides far enough to cause the
materials to warp.
If you do not adjust the paper width guides, it may cause paper
If you experience problems with paper feed, place one sheet at a
time in the tray.
You can load previously printed paper. The printed side should be
facing up with an uncurled edge at the rear. If you experience
problems with paper feed, turn the paper around. Note that print
quality is not guaranteed.
If you want to change the size to A4, first move the paper width guide
to left and rotate the lever counterclockwise. If you force the lever, it
could damage the tray.