Samsung CLP-310 Printer User Manual

Common Macintosh problems
The printer does not
print PDF file correctly.
Some parts of graphics,
text, or illustrations are
Incompatibility between the PDF file and
the Acrobat products:
Printing the PDF file as an image may
solve this problem. Turn on Print As
Image from the Acrobat printing options.
It will take longer to print when
you print a PDF file as an image.
The document has
printed, but the print job
has not disappeared
from the spooler in Mac
OS 10.3.2.
Update your Mac OS to OS 10.3.3. or
Some letters are not
displayed normally
during the Cover page
This problem is caused because Mac OS
cannot create the font during the Cover
page printing. English alphabet and
numbers are displayed normally at the
Cover page.
Refer to Mac OS User’s Guide that came with your computer for
further information on Mac OS error messages.