Samsung CLP-310 Printer User Manual

Using Your Printer in Linux
6 Using Your Printer in
You can use your machine in a Linux environment.
This chapter includes:
Getting Started
Installing the Unified Linux Driver
Using SetIP program
Using the Unified Driver Configurator
Configuring Printer Properties
Printing a Document
Getting Started
The supplied CD-ROM provides you with Samsung’s Unified
Linux Driver package for using your machine with a Linux
After the driver is installed on your Linux system, the driver
package allows you to monitor a number of machine devices via
fast ECP parallel ports and USB simultaneously.
The Unified Linux Driver package is supplied with a smart and
flexible installation program. You don't need to search for
additional components that might be necessary for the Unified
Linux Driver software: all required packages will be carried onto
your system and installed automatically; this is possible on a
wide set of the most popular Linux clones.
Installing the Unified Linux
Installing the Unified Linux Driver
Make sure that you connect your machine to your
computer. Turn both the computer and the machine on.
When the Administrator Login window appears, type in
in the Login field and enter the system password.
: You must log in as a super user (root) to install the
printer software. If you are not a super user, ask your system
Insert the printer software CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will
automatically run.
If the CD-ROM does not automatically run, click the
icon at the bottom of the desktop. When the Terminal
screen appears, type in:
If the CD-ROM is secondary master and the location to
mount is /mnt/cdrom,
[root@localhost root]#mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /mnt/
[root@localhost root]#cd /mnt/cdrom/Linux
[root@localhost root]#./
If you still failed to run the CD-ROM, type teh followings
in sequence:
[root@localhost root]#umount /dev/hdc
[root@localhost root]#mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /mnt/
: The installation program runs automatically if you
have an autorun software package installed and configured.