Sharp AR-160 Copier User Manual

Contents Details of operation
Set range
3 4 Job separator operation
Used to drive the job separator one way. Pressing the clear key stops
the job separator at the home position.
Key operation
Stops at the home position: Clear all key
10 Job separator home
position check
Used to drive the job separator to the home position. Then it is shifted by
the specified number of steps for check, and the position is made as the
origin. It is shifted from the origin by the specified number of steps.
5 1 Operation panel display
Used to light all LED’s on the operation panel for 5 sec.
2 Heater lamp lighting
check, cooling fan motor
operation check
Used to turn ON the heater lamp for 500msec and OFF for 500msec 5
times. At the same time, the cooling fan is rotated at a high speed. After
checking the heater lamp operation, the cooling fan motor rotate at a low
3 Copy lamp lighting check Used to light the copy lamp for 5 sec. At that time, the copy lamp
brightness can be changed with the density adjustment key. When this
simulation is canceled, the copy lamp brightness if automatically ad-
Key operation
Copy lamp brightness: Density adjustment key
6 1 Paper feed solenoid
operation check
When the start key is pressed, the selected paper feed solenoid is driven
at the cycle of 500msec ON and 500msec OFF 20 times.
Key operation Display
Solenoid selection:
Tray select button
<Lighting at solenoid selection>
Main cassette paper feed solenoid:
Main cassette select LED
Multi manual paper feed solenoid:
Manual paper feed select LED
No. 2 cassette paper feed solenoid:
No. 2 cassette select LED
No. 3 cassette paper feed solenoid:
No. 3 cassette select LED
No. 4 cassette paper feed solenoid:
No. 4 cassette select LED
Resist roller solenoid:
Machine position JAM LED
No. 2 cassette transport solenoid:
No. 2 cassette position JAM LED
No. 3 cassette transport solenoid:
No. 3 cassette position JAM LED
No. 4 cassette transport solenoid:
No. 4 cassette position JAM LED
Paper out 1 solenoid: Paper empty LED
Paper out 2 solenoid: SPF JAM LED
Paper out 3 solenoid: SPF select LED
10 Main cassette
semi-circular roller drive
Used to rotate the semi-circular roller of the main cassette one turn to
face it downward.
7 1 Aging with JAM with
warmup time display
Used to start warmup and count and display the warmup time every
second. After completion of warmup, count up is terminated and the
ready lamp is lighted. When the clear key is pressed and the copy
quantity is entered and the start key is pressed, copying is made to make
the set quantity of copies. At that time, the paper size does not matter.
1 ~ 9
Key operation
Copy quantity setting: Numeric keys
AR-160/160 FM/E [8] SIMULATION 12/1/1998
8 – 3