Sharp AR-160 Copier User Manual

P. machine composition
AR-160 Standard model
AR-161 Standard model (with shifter)
(USA/Canada: with memory copy)
(1) Option
Machine Model Power supply
250 sheets paper feed unit AR-DE5 Supplied by the copier.
500 sheets paper feed unit AR-DE6 Supplied by the copier.
SPF AR-SP2 Supplied by the copier
Electronic sorting kit AR-EB3 Supplied by the copier.
Printer expansion kit AR-PB8 Supplied by the copier.
Facsimile extension kit AR-FX2 Supplied by the copier.
LCD panel kit
(20 digits × 2 lines)
AR-PA1 Supplied by the copier.
Job separator tray AR-TR2
PS2 expantion kit AR-PS1
Extension memory for FAX
Extension memory for FAX
Extension memory for FAX
Q. Other specifications
Photoconductor type OPC (Organic Photo Conductor)
Photoconductor drum dia. 30mm
Copy lamp Xenon lamp
Developing system Dry 2-component magnetic brush
Charging system Saw teeth charging
Transfer system Non-contact (Corona) electrostatic
Separation system Natural separation
Fusing system Heat roller + Separation pawl
Cleaning system Contact blade
R. Package form
Body Body/Accessaries
S. External view
External dimensions
(W × D × H)
590 × 531 × 467 mm
Occupying area (W × D) 590 × 531mm
(When the manual tray is installed.)
Weight About 34.1kg
T. Power source
Voltage AC120V, 220V, 240V ± 15%
Frequency 50/60Hz common
U. Power consumption
Max. power consumption About 1.3KWh
* EnergyStar standard (The second level conformity)
Pre-heat About 60Wh
Auto power shut off About 4.8Wh
V. Reliability
Target users Stand-alone copier Monthly average
2,000 3,000 copies
Compound machine Monthly average
4,000 5,000 copies
W. Noise
Noise BA standard
X. Digital performance
Resolution Reading 400 dpi
Writing 600 dpi
Gradation Reading 256 gradations
Writing Binary
AR-160/161 FM/E [2] SPECIFICATIONS 11/27/1998
2 – 3