GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

About CIMPLICITY PMCS Version 6.15
CIMPLICITY PMCS Version 6.15 is the latest Power Management Control
System in the robust line of POWER LEADER power-management products
from GE Multilin. CIMPLICITY PMCS seamlessly integrates the
comprehensive line of POWER LEADER devices, as well as many new
Modbus RTU devices and systems. PMCS comes with built-in Ethernet
compatibility and is optimized for the Windows 2000 and Windows XP
operating system. All of this adds up to the most flexible, high-performance,
open-architecture power-management system available. PMCS software is the
backbone of your new power management system, with state-of-the-art graphics
and features designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime and
energy costs.
With built-in Modbus RTU and Ethernet compatibility, PMCS delivers critical
power-management information faster than ever. PMCS supports baud rates of
up to 38.4 kbps on a Modbus RTU network and 10 Mbps on an Ethernet TCP/IP
network. This results in near “real-time” screen refresh rates and immediate
access to critical event and alarm data.
PMCS comes with the following features that make the system more powerful
and easy to use:
Compatible with industry-standard third-party SCADA platforms.
Built-in Modbus RTU network compatibility for an open network
architecture and high-speed communications.
Built-in Ethernet TCP/IP network compatibility for very high-
speed communications and reduced wiring costs.
Built-in support for the comprehensive line of POWER LEADER
power-management devices, as well as additional GE meters and
relays, Fanuc 90/30 and 90/70 programmable logic controllers,
plus support for third-party meters and relays.
3D virtual-device interaction with accurately reproduced device
look and feel.
Improved waveform capture, including extensive analysis tools.
Comprehensive alarm and event reporting for immediate diagnosis
of electrical system problems.
Single Viewer Workstation support for seamless access and
sharing of power-management data across your existing LAN.
Configurable password protection and user-activity logging for
improved security and restriction of setup or control operations.
PMCS option modules are available to further increase productivity and reduce
energy costs. Your system may include one or more of the following modules:
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