GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

Selecting the Web License option from the License Option brings you to the
Web License Screen. This screen requires you to enter your eLicense Order
ID. This information is contained on the Order Confirmation Sheet that
accompanied your PMCS software or it can be obtained from your Purchase
Confirmation e-mail Enter the Order ID and click on Get License to initiate the
Web connection to General Electric Industrial Systems’ eLicense distribution
Similar to the trial, each eLicense is registered to the computer in which case,
the eLicense Order ID can only be used for one computer The software must
be unlicensed to be re-licensed with the same eLicense Order ID on another
computer Select Launch from your License Installation Success Screen to
continue installing PMCS.
Host PC Installation
Every PMCS system requires one Host PC that is directly connected to the
PMCS network and communicates with the power-management devices. The
Host PC is also typically used to view and analyze data.
If you are installing multiple PMCS catalog numbers on the Host PC, you will
need the CD and serial number from each package. Follow the Installation Steps
section below. If the Host PC will be providing data to View Nodes, be sure to
refer to GEH-6510, Network and Device Configurator, to configure NetDDE
for operation with the View Node PCs.
Viewer Workstation Installation
PMCS supports optional Viewer Workstations, which interact with the power-
management network through NetDDE links to the Host PC. Viewer
Workstations are not directly connected to the PMCS network but are connected
via LAN to the Host PC. Viewer Workstations are not mandatory in a PMCS
system because the data is available for display and analysis at the Host PC.
When installing PMCS View Nodes, be sure to use only an appropriate catalog
number for the installation. Do not install any other PMCS software on a PMCS
Viewer Workstation.
NOTE: The EPM software differs from the standard PMCS usage of Viewer
Workstations. Refer to the section titled EPM Device - Special Considerations
for more details on EPM Workstations and View Nodes.
PMCS Installation Steps
1. When the system on which PMCS is being installed is not having any
database server installed on it. The PMCS 6.15 installation will go
ahead by installing MSDE 2000 for PMCS databases. This is applicable
for all licenses where database installation takes place.
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