GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

Getting Started
First Steps
If you are already familiar with PMCS, simply review the system requirements
and skip ahead to Chapter 3.
Getting started with PMCS is easy. This chapter explains power management
and leads you through the steps to take prior to installing your PMCS software.
If you need help with your PMCS system, the GE Technical Support telephone
number is given at the end of this chapter.
Understanding Terminology
Power-management system terminology can be intimidating to new PMCS
users. The list below defines many of the important terms and acronyms used in
this guide and other PMCS manuals. Refer back to this list as new terms are
presented later.
Baud rate: A measurement of a communication channel's signaling rate or
information-carrying capacity. Communicating devices typically have
configurable baud rates to provide compatibility with various speed
communication networks. Higher baud rates generally provide faster data-
refresh times.
CIMPLICITY HMI: An industry-standard SCADA software package providing
flexible, accurate, and easy-to-use graphics. CIMPLICITY HMI is based on
client-server architecture, consisting of Servers and Viewer Workstations.
Servers are responsible for the collection and distribution of data. Viewer
Workstations connect into Servers and have full access to the collected data for
viewing and control actions. Servers and Viewer Workstations can be easily
networked together to seamlessly share data without the need to replicate your
point database from node to node.
Development allows you to create new projects and can also function as a
runtime system.
CIMPLICITY HMI Server Runtime: CIMPLICITY HMI Server Runtime
systems do not support project configuration. They may be used as runtime
systems only.
CIMPLICITY HMI Viewer Runtime: CIMPLICITY HMI Viewer Runtime
connects to Servers for viewing data and controlling actions.
Commnet: A GE Industrial Systems standard for device communications that
specifies the communication protocol and the communication network.
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