GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

Configuring the EPM Device Network
The PMCS installation routine described earlier in this manual creates initial
workstation and software node entries in the EPM 7700 network configuration
file. After EPM 7700 software components are installed, the next step is to add
Ethernet sites and devices to the PMCS power-monitoring network using
Network Builder software.
Running Network Builder
Network Builder software presents your EPM power-monitoring network
graphically, showing the installed components in a hierarchical tree. Network
Builder allows you to edit the Network Configuration file— the file that
identifies every node in the EPM power-monitoring network.
The first step is to run Network Builder from the Start Menu: (Programs >
Power Measurement Ltd > Utilities > Network Builder.)
The following figure shows how Network Builder displays a system comprised
of the basic EPM software components, a single EPM 7700 meter, a Primary
Node and a Stationless Secondary node (also called a ‘view node’).
Workstation: the network name
of the Primary Node computer
running the Communications
Software nodes: Stationless
Secondary nodes appear here.
Ethernet Site: Defines the Ethernet
connection between the PMCS
system and the connected device(s).
Device: Name(s) of attached
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