GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

Installing Additional Software
Install any additional software, such as Microsoft Excel or COMTRADE file
browsers for analyzing waveform files, at this point in the procedure. Follow the
instruction procedures provided by the manufacturer.
Installing the EPM Software Components
The EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 Meters require additional software to
operate with PMCS client software such as the Event Logger, Waveform
Capture Module, or CIMPLICITY Wizards. This is because the EPM 7700,
EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 are not compatible with the standard PMCS DDE
Server. Instead, a separate DDE Server called the 7700 Gateway Server must be
installed, along with a pair of ‘helper’ applications, the Communications Server
and the ION_Link Server. The Communications Server processes all
communications between the Gateway Server and/or the ION_Link and the
Ethernet-based EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 meters.
The EPM 7700 software may be selected during the standard PMCS installation
routine. If you are not using any EPM devices in your PMCS setup, you do not
need to install the EPM options during PMCS installation.
The EPM software components do require some special configuration beyond
that required for other PMCS components. Refer to the section titled EPM
Device Special Considerations for details after running the installation routine
described in this section.
Installing the PMCS software
Once you have set up Windows NT and any third-party software (if appropriate)
you are ready to install the PMCS software. PMCS should be installed last, after
all other software installations are completed. Your PMCS software is provided
on a CD-ROM.
The diagram below depicts the relationship of the Host PC and any optional
Viewer Workstations in your system. Follow the specific instructions below for
software installation on Host PCs and Viewer Workstations.
eLicensing PMCS software
General Electric Industrial Systems has added security technology that requires
your PMCS software to be licensed in order to run. A separate license is
required for each computer that will receive PMCS. Each eLicense Order ID
that is sent with your order corresponds to one license.
You license your software as part of the automated PMCS installation process.
When you launch the installation process the first screen that will appear will be
CIMPLICITY PMCS Read-This-Book-First Installing the Software 23