GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

Set the following communications parameters for the site.
Enter the Transmit delay setting (in milliseconds). This setting
determines the level of traffic on the network. If the PMCS system is
the sole user of the network, set this value to 5 (or less) to maximize
performance. Increase the transmit delay in situations where the
network is shared with other users, such as on a corporate LAN. Refer
to the PMCS Network Architecture Guide for guidelines on setting this
parameter for best system performance.
Change the RX timeout delay from 10000 to 30000 on the Advanced
tab. (See the following figure for Advanced tab.)
All other parameters may be left at their default values for most applications.
When you click OK in the Add Site dialog box, Network Builder will inform
you if there is additional information you must enter.
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