GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

When Installing On Windows 2003 Server
The Following steps to be executed before starting the PMCS installation. This
applies for all the licenses of PMCS application. This is basically to avoid the
problem caused by e-license wrapped PMCS applications to open after
installation. If the below steps are not done before PMCS installation, the
applications will give error message when we open them.
1. Right Click on “My Computer”. Select “Properties”. Select
Advanced”. Below dialog is seen.
2. Click on “Settings” button under Performance heading. Below
dialog opens. By default the second one “Turn on DEP for all
programs and services except those I select”. Instead of this select the
first option as shown in the below dialog. It says “Turn on DEP for
essential programs and services only”.
18 Installing the Software CIMPLICITY PMCS Read-This-Book-First