GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

In order to unlicense your software to use your eLicense Order ID for another
computer – you must have an internet connection. To retrieve your license for
use on another PMCS installation, simply right click on any PMCS executable
on your desktop and select unlicense.
The screen will request the eLicense Order ID to be entered.
A screen will appear to indicate that you have successfully un-eLicensed and
you may now take the eLicense Order ID for use on another PMCS installation.
Please note that you can not retrieve an eLicense for re-use through the
unlicense process past 3 years of initial Licensing.
Uninstalling PMCS
All PMCS software is provided with an uninstall utility to fully remove PMCS
components from your system. Uninstalling PMCS will permanently delete any
configuration information.
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