GE pmcs 6.15 Electronic Accessory User Manual

Upgrading from previous versions to PMCS 6.15
PMCS 6.15 provides an easy-to-use, automatic upgrade path from previous
versions of PMCS. The software installer examines your hard drive and, if it
locates any previous version of PMCS, it makes decisions on upgrading each
Follow the procedure below to upgrade your currently installed PMCS version
(such as 5.0, 5.1, or 6.xx) to PMCS version 6.15. This procedure assumes you
have an existing PMCS installation with configured ports, topics and
(optionally) generic topics, and that CIMPLICITY Wizards are installed in the
generic HMI application.
WARNING: PMCS 5.1 and PMCS 5.1b Modbus DDE Server users only:
Upgrading from PMCS 5.1 to PMCS 6.15 may cause the Modbus version of the
DDE Server to lose its port configuration. You may need to reconfigure your
communications ports from the PMCS DDE Server after upgrading. The
Ethernet version of the DDE Server is not affected.
PMCS 5.0 users: Port configuration is lost when a PMCS 5.0 configuration file
is converted to a PMCS 5.1b configuration file. You will need to reconfigure
your communications ports from the PMCS DDE Server. Refer to GEH-6510
for instructions. Also, any generic topics you may have configured at the PMCS
DDE Server will be lost, and you will need to re-configure these generic topics.
Note: While upgrading the previous versions to PMCS 6.15, a message appears
saying that EPM 7330 device is configured as a generic device and in PMCS
6.15 this device is a tightly integrated device. Ignore this message and proceed
1. Close any open applications, and insert the PMCS 6.15 CD into the CD-
ROM drive.
2. From Start menu, select Run and enter X:\setup (where X is the appropriate
CD-ROM drive designation).
3. Read the general information and disclaimers shown, then click Next.
4. Enter your name, your company name, and the serial number located on the
PMCS CD jewel case, then click Next. If you make an error in the serial
number, the installation routine prompts you for a correct PMCS serial
5. Choose either PMCS, PMCS with EPM 7700 Components or Custom
installation. PMCS or PMCS with EPM 7700 Components installation will
reinstall all components of the appropriate PMCS catalog number. Select
Custom if you wish to reinstall only selected PMCS software components.
6. After upgrading, existing HMI applications that use PMCS wizards will
continue to work. If you upgrade device firmware you will need to replace
the old wizard screens with new screens to maintain compatibility between
your application and the device. The old PMCS wizards will remain on
your system unless you uninstall the previous version of PMCS. It is highly
recommended that all new applications use PMCS 6.15 Advanced wizards
7. After upgrading, launch the PMCS DDE Server. The Server will convert
your previous PMCS configuration to a PMCS 6.15 configuration.
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