Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

CHECK1 Is the interface cable compatible with the
unit and computer?
Interface cables compatible with this unit are USB
and parallel cables. Check which type of cable is
supported by your computer, and then purchase
one of the following cables accordingly:
USB cable
Shielded twisted pair cable (6 feet Max.: high-speed
transmission equivalent)
Parallel interface cable
IEEE 1284 - Shielded type bi-directional parallel
interface cable (6 feet Max.)
CHECK2 Is the interface cable connected securely?
Check if the interface cable is securely plugged into
the connectors of the unit and computer. It is also
advisable to ensure that the connector pins are not
CABLE" in the Operation Manual for more
details on interface connection.
CHECK3 Are any other USB peripherals being
connected along with the unit?
If other USB peripherals are connected through the
same hub, disconnect them to see if the problem
still exists.
If the USB cable becomes disconnected
If the USB cable becomes disconnected, even only once during
the unit's operation, then printing and scanning may be
If this occurs, check the USB cable and ensure that it is
securely connected, then restart the computer.
The unit's scanning function can only be used if
the unit is connected to your computer with a
USB cable.
Check the Connection between the Unit and Computer