Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

Select "Acquire Image" from the "File" menu, or
click the "Acquire" button ( ).
The scanner driver setup screen will appear.
Reference: Scanner Driver Settings
In the "Scanning Position" menu, select the
position in which you placed the original in Step 1
("Platen" or "SPF").
Select "SPF" when you placed the original in the RSPF/SPF.
Click the "Preview" button.
The preview image will appear.
Specify the scanning area, and set the scan
For information on specifying the scan area and setting
the scan preferences, see scanner driver Help.
Reference: Scanner Driver Settings
Click the "Scan" button after setting your preferences.
To cancel your scanning job after clicking the "Scan"
button, press the [Esc] key on your keyboard.
When you close the scanner driver after scanning, the
image data will appear as a new file in Sharpdesk.
If the rotation or angle of the image is different, reset
the original, and click the "Preview" button again.
! If you set multiple pages in the RSPF/SPF, the
unit previews only the page placed on the top of
the originals, and then sends it to the original
exit area. Return the previewed page to the
RSPF/SPF before starting the scanning job.
Setting a large area with full color together with a
high resolution setting, makes the data size large,
resulting in extended scanning times. It is
recommended to set the scanning preferences
depending on the type of the original to be
scanned, i.e., Text, Text/Graphics, Photograph,
Color, Black & White.
Scanning an Image from a TWAIN-Compliant Application (part 2)