Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

Reference: Plug and Play Screen does not Appear (when the USB is connected)
CHECK1 Is there enough computer memory or hard
disk space?
To use this unit, you must have an adequate
amount of hard disk space. If there is insufficient
hard disk space, delete unnecessary files to
increase the free space of the hard disk. If there is
insufficient memory, close unnecessary applications
to increase memory available for printing or
scanning. If you are still unable to print or scan,
install more memory into your computer.
CHECK2 Is your hard disk fragmented?
When data is frequently stored/deleted, the hard
disk may become fragmented causing a reduction
in printing or scanning speed. In this case it is
recommended to defragment your hard disk. You
may use the Windows tools or a commercially
available hard disk defragmenting tool.
CHECK3 If your computer is connected to the unit
through the parallel port, is the parallel port
(LPT) mode set to other than EPP mode?
The unit may not operate correctly if the parallel
port mode is set to EPP mode. To set the parallel
port mode to a mode other than EPP mode, refer to
your computer manual or ask the manufacturer of
the computer. ECP mode is recommended to obtain
the best performance from the unit. Note that some
computers may use different names for the modes.
If you are using Windows XP, the "Found New
Hardware Wizard" may appear after you change
the port setting. In this case, click the "Cancel"
button to close the wizard, and then reinstall the
printer driver as explained in "INSTALLING THE
SOFTWARE" in the Operation Manual.
Check Your Computer