Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

Press the tray select ( ) key to select the multi-bypass tray.
Paper must be fed narrow side into the feed slot.
Special papers such as transparency film and labels must be
fed one sheet at a time through the multi-bypass tray.
When copying onto transparency film, remove each copy
promptly. Do not let copies stack up.
Note for loading envelopes
Envelopes must be fed narrow side into the feed slot one at a time.
Do not use non-standard envelopes, and envelopes that have metal clasps, plastic
snappers, string closures, windows, linings, self-adhesive, patches or synthetic
materials. Do not use envelopes that are filled with air or envelopes that have labels
or stamps attached.
Envelopes of which the surface is not flat because of embossing may cause the
copies/prints to become smudged.
Under high humidity and temperature conditions the glue flaps on some envelopes
may become sticky and be sealed closed when copied/printed.
Use only envelopes which are flat and crisply folded. Curled or poorly formed
envelopes may be poorly copied/printed or may cause misfeeds.
It is recommended that you perform a test copy before performing the actual copied/
printed job.
Be sure to select either Com 10, DL, C5 or Monarch on the paper size setting of the
printer driver. (For detailed information on printer driver, refer to the online manual.)