Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

A: Misfeed in the paper feed area
Gently remove the misfed paper from the paper feed area as
shown in the illustration. When the misfeed ( ) indicator
blinks and the misfed paper is not seen from the paper feed
area, pull out the paper tray and remove the misfed paper. If the
paper cannot be removed, proceed to "B: Misfeed in the fusing
Close the side cover by pressing the round projections near
the side cover open button. The misfeed ( ) indicator will go
out and the start ( ) indicator will light up.
B: Misfeed in the fusing area
Lower the fusing unit release
The fusing unit is hot. Do not touch the fusing unit when
removing misfed paper. Doing so may cause a burn or other
Do not touch the photoconductive drum (green portion) when
removing the misfed paper. Doing so may cause smudges on
If the paper has been fed through the multi-bypass tray, do
not remove the misfed paper through the multi-bypass tray.
Toner on the paper may stain the paper transport area,
resulting in smudges on copies.
Fusing unit release lever