Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

Three preset reduction ratios and two enlargement ratios can be selected. The zoom
function enables copy ratio selection from 25% to 400% in 1% increments.
Set the original and check the paper size.
Use the copy ratio selector key and/or ZOOM ( , ) keys to
select the desired copy ratio.
Set the reduction/enlargement ratio.
To select a preset copy ratio:
Preset reduction and enlargement ratios are:
25%, 64%, 78%, 129% and 400%.
To select a zoom ratio:
When a ZOOM (
or ) key is pressed, the
ZOOM indicator will light up and the zoom ratio will
be displayed in the display.
To verify a zoom setting without changing the zoom ratio,
press and hold down the copy ratio display (%) key. When the
key is released, the display will return to the copy quantity
To reset the ratio to 100%, press the copy ratio selector key
repeatedly until the 100% indicator lights up.
To decrease or increase the zoom ratio rapidly, press and hold
down the ZOOM ( ) or ( ) key. However the value will
stop at the preset reduction or enlargement ratios. To move
beyond these ratios, release the key and then press and hold it
down again.