Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

Power off methods
If not used for a certain period of time, the unit will automatically enter auto power
shut-off mode (p.22) in order to minimize power consumption. In cases where the
machine will not be used for a long time, turn off the power switch and remove the
power cord from the outlet.
Using the original table
Open the original cover/RSPF/SPF, and place the original.
Place an original face down on the original table. Align it with
the original scale and the centering ( ) mark. Gently close the
original cover/RSPF/SPF.
Setting a large original (AR-153E)
The original cover can be removed to allow copying of bulky objects.
Simply lift the original cover straight
To reattach the original cover, reverse the above procedure.
The original table can read up to 8-1/2" x 14" original.
Image loss 5/32" can occur at the leading and trailing edges of the
copies. Also image loss 11/64" in total can occur along the other
edges of the copies.
When copying a book or an original which has been folded or a
crumpled original, press down the original cover lightly. If the original
cover is not securely closed, the copies may be striped or blurred.
Original scale