Sharp AR-157E All in One Printer User Manual

Using the SCANNER key to begin scanning
Press the SCANNER ( ) key.
The unit enters scan mode.
Place the original you wish to scan on the original table/RSPF/
For the procedure for placing the original, see "ORIGINAL PLACEMENT"
Press the right copy quantity key to
display the number of the application that
you wish to use for scanning.
The application numbers are initially as follows.
Scanning is not possible during a copy job.
If the unit is used to begin a scan job during a print job, the scan job will be
stored and scanning will begin when the print job is completed.
When scanning an original that has been placed in the RSPF/SPF, only
one original can be placed unless you are using Sharpdesk.
Application launched
SC1 Sharpdesk (if installed)
E-mail (your standard e-mail program in the
Windows OS you are using)
SC3 Fax (if a fax program is installed)
SC4 OCR (if an OCR program is installed)
SC5 Microsoft Word (if installed)
SC6 Any application set in Button Manager