Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

and Installation
Connecting the AC Cord
Be sure to turn the main POWER off when connecting the cord.
» When connecting the power cord to the main unit, always
use the cable clamp to keep the power cord from coming
Fastening the AC cord
1. Plug the AC cord into the AC input terminal on the back
of the monitor.
» Align the shape of the plug and the connector, and
insert all the way in.
2. Attach the supplied cable clamp to the AC cord.
3. Align the hole of the cable clamp with the screw hole on
the monitor, and fasten the cable clamp screw.
4. Plug the AC cord into the AC power outlet.
» Be sure to plug all the way into the socket.
Cable clamp
Attaching portion
"Rear view
Plug (to power outlet)
Plug (to the AC
input terminal)
AC cord 9 ft. 10-
/8 (3 m)
Power outlet
'AC input terminal
(plug in here)