Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

Settings and
Wide Mode (Video/S-video/INPUT 3 COMPONENT) (see page 63 for details.)
Adjustable range
Normal, Full 14:9, Zoom 14:9, Panorama, Cinema 14:9, Cinema 16:9, Full and Underscan
Default Panorama
Note: Available when receiving a 480i, 576i, 480p or 576p image.
Adjustable range Full, Underscan
Default Full
Note: Available when receiving 1080i or 720p image
Wide Mode (INPUT3 (RGB)/PC (analog/digital)) (see page 62 for details.)
Adjustable range Normal, Full, Cinema and Dot by Dot
Default Normal
Color System (Video/S-video)
Function Selects color system for Video and S-video image.
“Auto” (auto-detection of the color system) is the factory preset value. If normal
discrimination cannot be achieved with the automatic setting, select the optimal
color system manually.
Adjustable range Auto, PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43
Default Auto
Function Reduces picture noise.
Adjustable range Off/High/Low
Default Low
Off This feature is inactive.
High Applies stronger noise reduction
Low Applies weaker noise reduction
Quick Shoot
Adjustable range On/Off
Default On
On Improves the response of Liquid Crystal Panel when viewing fast-moving images.
Monitor Speaker Output
Function Selects whether to use built-in monitor speaker.
Adjustable range On/Off
Default Off
On Outputs sound from built-in monitor speaker
Off Does not output sound from built-in monitor speaker
Settings and Adjustments (Continued)