Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

M6 30mm length
2. Attach the wall-mount bracket (with the
angle set) to the back of the Wide LCD
Make sure all cables and cords are connected
and bundled (see page 29).
Attach the terminal cover to the back of the
monitor and align the wall-mount screw holes
(Marking A: 4 locations) with the holes (4
locations) on the back of the Wide LCD Monitor.
Use the supplied M6 30 mm length screws (4
screws) to securely fasten the wall-mount bracket
in place.
Attaching wall-mount bracket to LC-M3700 (horizontal
Mounting Options (Continued)
Mounting the Wide LCD Monitor
Wall-mount bracket
Marking A
Marking A
Upper side
Be sure to use 2 people when installing the Wide LCD Monitor to the base bracket.
Be sure to perform Steps Å and ı below. Just performing Step Å could result in the display falling off, which is very
Install the wall-mount bracket attached to the Wide LCD Monitor to the base bracket.
Å Hang the square holes ( ) of the wall-mount bracket on the hooks (page 24) of the base bracket.
ı Tighten the wall-mount bracket and base bracket screws. (Be sure to do this.)
Tighten from the bottom.
M5 screws 8mm length (2 screws)
Base bracket
Make sure the hooks are
Wide LCD
M6 30mm length
Upper side
Attaching wall-mount bracket to LC-M3710 (vertical