Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

[Example: 4] Disabling remote control, monitor buttons and power operations (RS-232C daisy-chain
Note: Values returned by monitors are omitted because they vary depending on the number of
connected monitors.
PCL+xxxx (“xxxx” is the current PIN. “xxxx” is not necessary if no PIN is set.)
LREM001+ Locks remote control
LBTN001+ Locks monitor buttons
LPOW001+ Locks power operation
PSE+xxxx (“xxxx” is new PIN.)
[Example: 5] Disabling remote control operation, operation using monitor buttons, and switching to the
power standby state using those controls for a specific monitor (example: ID=2) in a chain
of monitors connected via RS-232C.
Note: Response messages are omitted for convenience as the number of connected monitors
IDLK0002 Select monitor with ID=2
PCLRxxxx (“xxxx” is the current PIN. “xxxx” is not necessary if no PIN is set.)
LREM0001 Locks remote control
LBTN0001 Locks monitor buttons
LPOW0001 Locks power operation
PSETxxxx (“xxxx” is new PIN.)
IDLK0000 Exit “IDLK” command
Settings and Adjustments (Continued)
If you forget your PIN
If you forget the PIN which you yourself set, perform the following operation when the PIN input screen
is displayed.
This allows you to temporarily unlock the function.