Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
Keys Descriptions
Escape key (1) The <Esc> (Escape) key is used to cancel commands.
Function keys (2) The twelve function keys along the top of the keyboard are used to perform designated tasks.
For example, in many applications, <F1> is the Help key. The task associated with each function
key may vary from one application to another.
Correction keys (3) The <Insert>, <Back Space> and <Delete> keys enable you to make corrections when typing.
Lock keys (4) Press <Caps Lock> once to activate the uppercase characters. Use the <Num Lock> key to
activate the numerical keypad.
Print Screen key (5) The <Prt Sc> key takes an electronic snapshot of the screen and moves it to the Windows
Clipboard. You can then paste the screenshot into a document and print it.
Numeric keypad area (6) This contains the keys found on a typical calculator. Use the numeric keypad area to type
numbers or to perform mathematical calculations such as addition and subtraction. Note that
you must press the <Num Lock> key to activate the keypad.
Navigation keys (7) These keys enable you to move the cursor on the screen.
Application key (8)
The <Application> key displays a shortcut menu; pressing this key is equivalent to clicking the
right mouse button.
Operator keys (9) Several keys are used in combination with at least one other key: <Ctrl>, <Alt> and <Shift>.
When held down at the same time as another key, the <Ctrl> (Control) and <Alt> (Alternate)
keys offer another way to execute commands. For example, in many applications, instead of
choosing the Save command from a menu, you can hold down <Ctrl> and press <S> (referred
to as <Ctrl>+<S>). The <Shift> key is used to type capital letters or special symbols such as @
and $.
key (10)
The key with the Windows
logo displays the Windows
Start menu; it is equivalent to
clicking the Start button on the taskbar.
Volume buttons (11) Press the - button to decrease volume, and the + button to increase.
Mute button (12) Press once to mute the system sound, press again to restore the sound.