Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Documentation pack
Your documentation pack contains printed information and user guides to read on your computer. The user
guides are compiled in the VAIO Info Centre on the VAIO Recovery and Documentation Disc.
Printed documentation
A Getting Started brochure, where you will find a brief description of the items in your box, and how
to setup your computer;
A Specifications sheet, containing a table of specifications, a list of bundled software and, on the
reverse side, a guide to setting up your VAIO;
A Guide to Troubleshooting / Using the VAIO Recovery and Documentation Disc, where you will
find troubleshooting, an explanation of the purpose and use of the VAIO Recovery and Documentation
Disc and VAIO-Link information;
A Dual Language Operating System leaflet*;
Your Sony Guarantee conditions;
A Safety Regulations leaflet;
A Modem Regulations leaflet.
* Depending on your country. Dual Language Operating Systems are available in Belgium (Dutch and French), the Netherlands
(Dutch and English) and Switzerland (German and French).