Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Getting help
About sound
My speakers are not producing any sound
If you are using an application that has its own volume control, check that the volume is turned up.
Check the volume controls in Windows
and in Windows
Media Player.
Check that the speakers are connected correctly and turned on, and that the power cable is plugged into
the mains (see the printed Getting Started brochure or the back of the Specifications sheet for
connection details).
My microphone is too sensitive to background noise
If you find there is too much background noise when you record sound, you can adjust the microphone gain.
To adjust the microphone settings, proceed as follows:
1 In the Control Panel, choose Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices.
2 Click Sounds and Audio Devices.
The Sounds and Audio Devices Properties box appears.
3 Click the Voice tab.
4 Under Voice recording, click Volume.
The Recording Control dialog box appears.
5 In the Options menu, select Properties.
The Properties dialog box appears.
6 Change the setting in the Adjust volume for dialog box from Playback to Recording, and then click
7 Reduce the microphone level by moving the slider control.