Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Connecting peripheral devices
Connecting a TV
You can connect a TV directly to your computer. See also Using two screens while watching a DVD film
(page 27).
In order to be able to use a TV screen, you also have to enable the TV-Out function.
Your VAIO desktop is delivered with a TV-Out cable (or ’converter cable’), which is for use with TV sets
without an S-Video port.
Connecting a TV that has no S-Video port
To connect a TV to your VAIO desktop with the supplied TV-Out cable, proceed as follows:
1 Plug one end of the TV-Out cable into the
TV-Out port on the back of your computer.
2 Take your composite cable (not supplied) and connect one end to the inserted TV-Out cable.
3 Connect the other end to the yellow-coloured port (Video-In) on your TV set.
The video output is now in place.
4 Connect the single end of your audio cable (not supplied) to the headphones port, either on the back of
your computer or on the connected speaker.
5 Connect the double end of the audio cable to the red and white ports respectively on your TV set.
The audio output is now in place and your TV is ready for use with your computer.