Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Getting help
About the computer and software
My computer does not start
Check that the computer is plugged directly into a power source (without an extension cord) and that it
is turned on.
Check that the monitor is properly connected to the main unit, plugged into a power source and turned
on. Check that the brightness and contrast controls are adjusted correctly.
Check the power socket is working by testing it with another device (e.g. a lamp or radio).
Check that the power indicator on the front panel of the computer indicates that the power is on.
If you cannot start Windows
, make sure there is no disk in the floppy disk drive.
Confirm that the power cord and all cables are connected firmly.
If you have plugged the computer into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), make sure the UPS is
turned on and works.
Unplug all external devices and cables, including the Internet connection.
Remove any extra memory modules you may have inserted since purchase.
If the message Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to set up appears at the bottom of the display, you need
to initialise the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).
Moisture condensation may have occurred. Do not use the computer for at least one hour and then turn
it on.
The message 'Press <F1> to continue, <F2> to enter setup' appears at startup
This message is telling you to initialise the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).
To do so, proceed as follows:
1 Turn off the computer.
2 Remove any peripheral devices connected to the computer.