Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
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About peripherals
My mouse does not work
If you are using the supplied PS/2 mouse, you must connect it before you turn on your computer.
If you are using an optional Sony USB mouse, check that the appropriate driver and software are
properly installed.
Check that the mouse is plugged into the mouse connector.
Note that the scrolling features work only with programs that use scroll bars. Some programs do not
support features usually available with the central wheel.
There may be dust or dirt inside the mouse mechanism.
To clean the mouse, proceed as follows:
1 Turn off the computer and turn the mouse upside down.
2 Remove the mouse ball cover by turning the ring clockwise as indicated by the
3 Turn the mouse upright and drop the mouse ball into your hand.
4 Using a piece of sticky tape, remove any dirt or dust on the mouse ball and inside
the ball socket.
5 Put the mouse ball back into the socket and replace the cover.
6 Secure the cover by turning the ring anti-clockwise.
This cleaning procedure does not apply to optical mouse devices.
If you are using an optical mouse:
Do not use the mouse on a reflective surface (such as a mirror) or transparent surface (such as glass).