Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
Using power saving modes
The colour of the VAIO and power indicator lights on the main unit tells you which mode the computer is in.
Using Standby mode
If you plan to stop using your computer for a short period of time (not overnight), you can put it into
Standby mode instead of turning it off completely. Putting the computer into Standby mode saves energy
and allows a quick return to normal computer use.
To set the timer for your computer to automatically enter Standby mode after a certain amount of time,
go to Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance and open Power Options.
To activate Standby mode manually, use one of these two methods:
Use the Standby button:
1 Save your work, close all applications and close your Internet connection, if applicable.
2 Press the Standby button at the top of the keyboard.
The computer goes into Standby mode, indicated by the umber light under the power button.
VAIO light Power indicator Mode
Blue No light Computer is in Normal mode
No light Umber Computer is in Standby mode
No light No light Computer is turned off or in Hibernate mode