Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Upgrading your VAIO computer
Removing the cover
To remove the cover from the main unit, proceed as follows:
1 Shut down your computer and disconnect all peripheral devices, such as your
2 Unplug the computer from the mains.
3 Wait until the computer cools down.
The inside of the main unit becomes very hot during operation. Wait for about
one hour for the computer to cool down before opening the unit.
4 Position the main unit so the back panel is facing you.
5 Unscrew the three cover release screws located on the edges of the back panel,
and set them aside.
The cover is released.
This illustration may not correspond to the configuration of your model. Please check the section Back Panel of your
printed Specifications sheet to see where the ports are exactly.
6 Slide the cover towards the back of the unit to remove it.