Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Upgrading your VAIO computer
Adding / replacing a memory module
If you are not familiar with upgrading memory on a computer, we highly recommend that you contact your
To add or change a memory module, proceed as follows:
1 Shut down the computer, unplug it, and remove any peripheral
2 Wait for the computer to cool down, then open the unit (see
Removing the cover (page 74)).
3 Gently place the unit on its side.
4 To remove an existing memory module, release the end latches and
gently lift out the module, as shown (may vary from actual
5 To insert a new memory module, remove it from its anti-static
package, handling it only by the edges.
6 Locate the notch on the bottom edge of the memory module.
7 Align the memory module over the slot, making sure the module is
facing the correct way.
8 Press evenly against the memory module's upper corners. The end
latches snap into position automatically.
9 Reinstall any add-on cards or components you removed.
10 Replace the cover as described in Replacing the cover (page 81).
There is only one correct way to insert the memory module. Make sure the rivet of the module is
lined up with the connector.
! Use only PC2100 (DDR266) DDR-SDRAM DIMM or PC2700 (DDR333) DDR-SDRAM DIMM
modules (depending on your model).