Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Getting help
Some surfaces do not allow the sensor to function properly because the irregularities are too small to be
detected. The best surfaces reflect but scatter light; an example is a blank sheet of white drawing paper.
Otherwise, use a standard mouse pad.
My mouse needs to be set up for left-hand use
To set your mouse up for left-handed users, proceed as follows:
1 Go to Start, select Control Panel, then click the Printers and Other Hardware option.
2 Click the Mouse icon.
The Mouse Properties dialog box appears.
3 In the Buttons tab, select the option button next to Switch primary and secondary buttons.
4 Click OK.
The new mouse settings are now in place.
My keyboard does not work properly
If using the keyboard delivered with your computer, check that it is plugged into the PS/2 keyboard port
on the back of the unit.
PS/2 connections are not ’plug and play’, which means that if you connect the PS/2 keyboard after
starting your computer, it does not work. Shut down the computer and connect the keyboard before
restarting the system.
I cannot use digital (DV) devices. The message 'DV equipment seems to be disconnected or turned off'
Check that the DV device is turned on and that the cables are properly connected.
If you are using multiple i.LINK™ devices, the combination of the connected devices may cause unstable
operation. If this is the case, turn off all connected devices and disconnect unused devices. Check the
connection and then turn on the power again.