Sony PCV-2226 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
Using Hibernate mode
If you are interrupted and need to leave your computer suddenly, you can put it into Hibernate mode. This
power saving mode saves you the time of shutting down in the normal way.
When you put your computer into Hibernate mode:
Everything in the memory is saved to the hard disk.
The monitor and hard disk are turned off.
The computer is turned off.
The power indicator light turns off.
To set the timer for your computer to automatically enter Hibernate mode after a certain amount of time,
go to Control Panel click Performance and Maintenance and open Power Options.
To activate Hibernate mode manually, use one of these two methods:
Use the Windows
1 Save your work.
2 From the Start menu on the Windows
taskbar, select Turn Off Computer.
Alternatively, press <Alt>+<F4> until the Turn Off Computer screen is displayed.
3 In the Turn Off Computer screen, hold down the <Shift> key to reveal the Hibernate button.
4 Click Hibernate.
The computer goes into Hibernate mode, the computer turns off.
Use the power button:
Quickly press the power button on the front of the main unit.
The computer goes into Hibernate mode, the computer turns off.
To return to Normal mode, quickly press the power button on your computer.
Operation returns to the same state as before.