Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

To position the monitor on a table or desk, follow these steps:
1Place the monitor so that the screen faces the user.
2To slide the monitor, lift the front up slightly and push or pull in the direction you want.
3Adjust the viewing angle of the monitor by tilting it up or down and turning it left or right
on its stand.
Position the monitor so that when you use it, no bright light is behind the
monitor or reflected on the screen. Your eyes should be about level with the
top edge of the screen and between 18 and 28 inches (45 to 70 cm) away. Take
occasional breaks when using your computer, to focus your eyes on a distant
For your greatest comfort, use the following illustration to help you in
positioning your monitor:
Thighs horizontal
Shoulders relaxed
Screen positioned to avoid
reflected glare
Forearms and hands
in a straight line
Forearms level
or tilted up slightly
Lower back supported
Feet flat on the floor
Top of the screen at or slightly
below eye level. (You may need
to adjust the height of your
monitor by placing something
under it or by raising your
work surface.)
Clearance under work surface
45–70 cm (18–28 in.)
Chapter 1