Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

In addition, this monitor also works at the following VESA (Video
Electronics Standards Association) standard modes:
Resolution Vertical refresh rate (hertz)
640 x 480 60 (not VESA, but supported anyway)
640 x 480 75
800 x 600 75
1024 x 768 75
1280 x 1024 75
Connecting the monitor to your IBM PC-compatible computer
Use these instructions to connect the monitor to your computer, instead of the
instructions in Chapter 1.
Note: If you need to use a video card with your computer, install the card
before you connect the monitor to your computer.
Before you connect any cords or cables, make sure that your
computer is turned off and unplugged.
1Connect the socket end of the power cord to the power cord receptacle on the back of
the monitor.
Your monitor may not
look exactly as shown.
Appendix A