Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Selecting the color temperature
The image on your monitor is a combination of red, green, and blue signals.
The intensity, or color temperature, of these signals can be changed to one of
three settings: 9300 K (the default, which appears bluish), 6500 K (which is
page white), or 5000 K (which appears reddish). At a higher color
temperature, white appears as a slightly cooler, bluer white, while at a lower
color temperature, white appears as a slightly warmer white. You can change
the color temperature according to your personal preference or what is
suitable for a particular application.
Use these controls Follow these steps
1 Press and hold down the
button on the monitor until the
indicator light goes on, then release the button.
2 Press the
button again until the
indicator light goes on.
indicator light may or may not blink, depending on the color
temperature selected. A steady light indicates 9300 K, a slow blinking
light indicates 6500 K, and a fast blinking light indicates 5000 K.
3 Adjust the color temperature of the picture.
Use the -/+ buttons below the contrast icon (
). Press + to increase
the color temperature or press – to decrease the color temperature.
Chapter 3