Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Do you need a video card?
To us e th e Apple Multiple Scan 20 Display, you need compatible video
circuitry built into your computer or a compatible video card installed in your
computer. If you are unsure whether your computer has the appropriate built-
in video capability, check with an Apple-authorized dealer or service
If your computer does not have the video capability necessary to use this
monitor, you need to purchase a video card. (Video cards are available from
an Apple-authorized dealer or service provider.) Install the video card before
you connect the monitor to your computer. To install a video card in one of
the expansion slots inside your computer, see the manual that came with your
computer or video card.
Using more than one monitor
If your computer has expansion slots, you can use the Apple Multiple Scan 20
Display with one or more additional monitors connected to your computer.
You may need a video card for each additional monitor you are using. See the
manuals that came with your computer for information on working with
additional monitors.
Note: If you see screen flicker or other interference when you use more than
one monitor, move the monitors further apart or set the monitors at an angle,
so their screens are close and their back panels are farther apart.
Setting Up