Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

2Using the Display Software 13
About the Control Strip 13
Working with the Control Strip 14
Changing screen resolution 15
Other things you can do with the Monitors control panel 16
Conserving energy 17
What happens after you turn on the energy saving feature 17
Using Energy Saver with a screen saver 18
Using ColorSync 18
Configuring the Control Strip 20
Showing and hiding the Control Strip 20
Setting a keyboard command to show and hide the Control Strip 21
Changing the font in Control Strip menus 22
3Adjusting the Picture 23
Making adjustments to the picture 24
Adjusting the brightness of the picture 24
Adjusting the contrast of the picture 24
Adjusting the center of the picture 25
Adjusting the size of the picture 26
Adjusting the rotation and color uniformity of the picture 27
Adjusting the shape of the picture 28
Adjusting the convergence of the picture 29
Selecting the color temperature 30
Resetting controls to original levels 31
Resetting brightness and contrast 31
Resetting individual picture controls 32
Resetting all picture controls 32