Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Resetting individual picture controls
You can reset these individual controls to their original levels: horizontal and
vertical shift, horizontal and vertical size, horizontal and vertical convergence,
rotation, picture shape, and color temperature. (To reset brightness or contrast,
see “Resetting Brightness and Contrast” in this section.)
Use these controls Follow these steps
1 Press and hold down the
button on the monitor until the
indicator light goes on, then release the button.
2 Press the
button again until the indicator light of the picture control
you want to reset goes on.
3 Press the Reset button (
) using the tip of a pen.
The selected picture control is reset to its original level.
Resetting all picture controls
If you like, you can reset all of the picture controls, including brightness and
contrast, to their original levels.
Use these controls Follow this step
While holding down the Control button (
), press the Reset button (
using the tip of a pen.
All picture controls are reset to their original levels.
Chapter 3