Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

3Connect the monitor cable to the monitor port (marked with
) on the back of your
If you installed a video card in your computer, connect the monitor cable to
the video card’s port. For more information about installing video cards, see
the manual that came with your computer or video card.
Note: If you’re connecting the monitor to a Power Macintosh 6100, 7100, or
8100 with a high-density connector, you may need to use the monitor cable
adapter that came with your computer. See the manual that came with your
computer for more information. If you don’t have an adapter, you can
purchase one from an Apple-authorized dealer or service provider.
4 Tighten the thumbscrews on the connection.
You can prevent bad connections and accidental damage by tightening the
thumbscrews. When tightening the thumbscrews on the cable connector,
make sure you turn each screw at least one turn–but don’t force the
thumbscrew, because you might strip the threads.
Connecting your keyboard to the monitor
If you wish, you can plug your keyboard directly into the stand of the Apple
Multiple Scan 20 Display, rather than into the back of your computer. The
monitor stand has an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port on the back that you can
use to connect the monitor to your computer (using the included ADB cable).
There is also an ADB port on each side of the monitor stand for your
keyboard (or any other ADB device).
To prevent damage to your system, always be sure that your
computer is shut down before you plug in or disconnect ADB cables.
If you decide to plug your keyboard cable into your monitor stand, follow
these instructions:
Monitor port icon
Monitor cable
Setting Up