Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

1Unplug the keyboard cable from the ADB port (marked by
) on the back of the
2Plug the unattached end of the keyboard cable into the ADB port (marked by
) on the
left side of the monitor stand.
When connecting ADB cables to the monitor stand, be sure the
flat side of the connector faces up. If you force the connector the wrong way,
you could damage it.
3Attach one end of an extended ADB cable to the ADB port (marked by
) on the back of
the monitor stand.
4Attach the other end of the extended ADB cable to an ADB port (marked by
) on the
back panel of the computer.
Turnin g t h e monitor on
To t u r n on the monitor for the first time:
1 Start up your computer.
2Press the Power button on the front right side of the monitor.
The power indicator light goes on. If the power indicator light does not come
on, press the power switch again. If this doesn’t work, make sure you’ve
connected the monitor to your computer properly (see “Connecting the
Monitor to Your Computer,” earlier in this chapter). Also, make sure your
computer is turned on.
Power indicator light
Power button
Chapter 1