Apple 20Display Computer Monitor User Manual

This chapter explains how to use the new display software you have installed.
Your software includes a new feature called the Control Strip, which you can
use to change monitor settings quickly and easily. You can use the Control
Strip to change screen resolutions, change the number of colors your monitor
displays, and change the volume of your computer’s beep sound. Your monitor
also comes with control panels that you can use to save energy and fine-tune
your monitor’s use of color.
About the Control Strip
When you start up your Macintosh after installing your new display software,
you will notice the Control Strip at the lower-left edge of your screen. The
Control Strip is a new way of changing certain settings from your desktop
without opening control panels.
Note: Some versions of system software will show different modules in
the Control Strip. If your Control Strip doesn’t match what’s shown here,
consult the on-screen help that came with your computer or system software
upgrade kit.
Using the Display Software